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My Offer

· Professional Support · Creative Approach · Unconventional Projects ·


I design unique websites with interesting and colorful graphics that are the most ingenious in the Internet.


I have experience in implementation e-commerce such as: WooCommerce, Shopify, osCommerce, Magento, ZenCart, PrestaShop, VirtueMart.


Websites are based on CMS Open Source systems such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, PhpBB and vBulletin.


I can help you to change its weak points into strong trumps – can be improved to the requirements of the 21st century website.


Project price includes optimizations to improve the visibility of the website in search engines as well as its basic positioning.


I can help you to purchase a domain and server. Files installation is performed within the framework of project development.

About Me

My name is Dariusz "Daron" Śliwiński and I’m a web developer with a head full of ideas. I’ve been engaged in web design for almost 12 years.

By blending my creative ideas with artistic intuition I design functional, eye-catching and engraved in viewer’s memory websites that can be rated among the most interesting websites.

I practice the philosophy of Kaizen, doing every time my best to improve my technique and broaden my abilities. Every project is a unique lesson and experience that is used by me in the course of my future work.

I am ready to design something exceptional for your company.

Great Web Design

Use advantage and growth of the Internet and present with your best website.
· Functionality · Aesthetics · New Standards ·

Impressive Appearance

· Individual Graphic Design

Unique and interesting graphic design highlight your brand, attract attention and motivate the public to take the desired action.

The Latest Technology

· Innovative Solutions

The use of the latest technologies, carefully selected for implementation - will increase your prestige in the eyes of potential customers.

Responsive Web Design

· Responsively – RWD

Through the use of innovative methods of RWD, your site flexibly match the appearance and functionality of the device screen, which is currently displayed.

My Skills - Proffesion

I regard my work as a sphere of art that requires adequate capabilities and predispositions.

I make it my priority to create innovative solutions, because I think that a website should attract the customers by its appearance and not repel them.

Unfortunately, there are still too few interesting, very well designed websites.

I do my job in order to change this situation.











Web Design

I have been designing websites since 2010. Over the years, not only the world has moved forward, but also technologies related to web design. I must always be up to date with new trends. My knowledge, experience and a creative approach to tasks allow me to create individual, personalized projects tailored to the client, his needs and business profile.

Web Designer

As a web designer and graphic designer in one person, I create websites from the very foundations, i.e. planning and initial design, which, after refinement, is implemented. You could say that I am an architect and a contractor at the same time. I make sure that the graphics, content and colors harmonize with each other, not conflict, so that the website works properly, attracts attention and is intuitive and as practical as possible.

Web Developer

The main task of a web developer is to choose the appropriate language for the website. Whether it should be HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, or a mix of all of them, it is the decision of the construction manager. A web developer is someone like that - the head of the construction site, but without a helmet, but with a head full of ideas. Choosing the right tools is very important to me. Each time it is an individual decision, dictated by many factors, including customer expectations.


Contemporary portals, no matter if it will be a classic corporate website or an e-shop, should not only be visually attractive, but also fully functional. What does it mean? Among other things, adapting websites to the ubiquitous in our lives mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). For years, I have been creating innovative, responsive projects that automatically scale to match the screen of the equipment on which they are displayed.


Years Experience


Completed Projects


Lines of Code Written


Awards and Nominees


Already at the website design stage, I am working on its positioning. This is very important because it de facto depends on whether your website will have an audience or not. Contrary to appearances, positioning requires a lot of skills, and the position of your website in the Google search engine is influenced by over 100 factors. I deal with their analysis from the very beginning of creating a website, adjusting specific solutions and content to algorithms that have a huge impact on search engines

Seo Specialist

Whether your website becomes popular or not depends largely on proper search engine optimization. As an SEO specialist, I implement a number of mechanisms that make the website rank high in Google. Link Building, i.e. creating a network of connections with your website, local marketing based on Google Maps, AdWords campaigns and using social media, or properly structured website content, are just some of the tasks that I perform as an SEO expert.


As a freelance freelancer specializing in solo performances, I do work for which interactive agencies involve the entire team. However, quantity does not always translate into quality. My experience, skills, creativity and commitment allow me to create unique projects that have been accepted by both Polish and foreign clients. My projects have been awarded many times at international competitions, and the portfolio presented on this website can only certify that I can compete with the best in designing, coding and creating graphics.


For years I have also been dealing with the administration of websites, both those created by me and those created by other webmasters. My care is most often required by larger portals and online stores. I deal with, among others updating plugins, themes and content, implementing and updating security, backing up, database management, troubleshooting and SEO optimization. As an administrator, I am at the client's disposal all the time and I make sure that his website functions as efficiently as possible.

Selected Projects

Have a look at some selected projects carried out by me within
the period of the previous 12 years, i.e. from 2010 to 2022.

Old School
New School
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    • Wood Max
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    • Blue Partners
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    • Miyamoto Musashi
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    • Multibud
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    • Sklep Woodlook
    • Project Website
    • Euforia Eventy
    • Project Website
    • Diamond Books
    • Project Website
    • Till Death Tattoo
    • Project Website
    • Kadlec Copywriter
    • Project Website
    • BomBar Nuts
    • Project Website
    • Alepolisa
    • Project Website
    • Restauracja Revelo
    • Project Website
    • Nemiroff Wódka
    • Project Website
    • Moveo
    • Project Website
    • Gabinet Efecta
    • Project Website
    • Martin Car
    • Project Website
    • Gotta Active
    • Project Website
    • The Distroy
    • Project Website
    • Ars Photography
    • Project Website
    • Putzengel
    • Project Website
    • Sberbank
    • Project Website
    • Diva Alkohole
    • Project Website
    • P&K Kancelaria
    • Project Website
    • Jiu-Jitsu
    • Project Website
    • PolAmber
    • Project Website
    • Movex
    • Project Website
    • Salon Expert
    • Project Website
    • 7r8r Traktory
    • Project Website
    • Schodziarnia
    • Project Website
    • Hive Boxx
    • Project Website
    • Di Fi
    • Project Website
    • Willa na Skarpie
    • Project Website

Awards & Nominees

Several prizes I was awarded with by prestigious international Internet portals specializing in promoting the best websites
are evidence of my professionalism, too. I was honored among others by:

Procedure of Processing

What is the procedure of processing, the ordered website ?

Signing Contract

The offer including pricing is prepared based on ideas concerning the look and content of the customer’s website.

Preliminary Project

Based on materials obtained from the customer a preliminary draft of the website is prepared.


If any changes are needed, the indicated modifications are carried out until the customer is satisfied.


After receiving the payment in full amount, the website is put on the Internet network.


You are invited to contact me in order to get more information, obtain a cooperation offer
and have a look at some selected projects carried of the previous 12 years.

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